Donating to the Boys & Girls Club empowers young individuals by providing crucial resources for education, recreation, and mentorship. Your contribution fosters a positive environment, helping children and teenagers develop essential life skills and reach their full potential.

Giving Crucial Resources

The Boys & Girls Club relies on dedicated staff, mentors, and financial support from the community to provide essential guidance, positive role models, and a variety of educational programs for the youth they serve.

Teaching Life Skills

At the Boys & Girls Club, we go beyond academics, teaching essential life skills like resilience and teamwork. Through engaging activities and mentorship, we empower boys and girls to confidently navigate life’s challenges.

Reaching Full-Potential

Empower the Boys & Girls Club youth to discover their potential through mentorship, education, and community support, guiding them toward realizing their dreams.

Foster aspirations, kindle potential. Contribute to the Boys & Girls Club – where every donation shapes futures and inspires brighter tomorrows.

Suggested Donations

  • $1 purchases a package of pencils for members to participate in the Clubs’ POWER HOUR homework assistance program.  
  • $25 sponsors a child to attend the Club for an entire year.
  • $50 would provide a healthy snack to 12 members for a week.
  • $100 provides a STEM related science project for members.
  • $500 will take 30 Club members on an educational field trip. 

Your Gift

Support the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Black Hills has tremendous impact upon the 600+ youth of our communities who consider the Boys & Girls Clubs a second home.

Relies On Contributions

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Black Hills relies on contributions from our community to provide after school activities and facilities for the young people in across the Black Hills. We are a registered 501(c)3 organization and all contributions are tax-deductible. 

Make Donation

Please contact us to make a donation. Please specify which local Club you would like to designate your gift to.